At Boudwin Intellectual Property Law, we offer several legal services to assist you in protecting your intellectual property and enforcing your intellectual property rights. If you find a product that you believe infringes your patent, we can conduct an infringement analysis to provide you with a professional legal opinion. If we determine that the product infringes your patent, we will draft a cease and desist letter to send to any infringing parties and will attempt to reach a settlement with the infringing parties on your behalf. Though about 90% of patent infringement cases are resolved without ever entering a courtroom, if your case requires litigation, we will associate with local counsel in the appropriate location to represent you.


One way to capitalize on your intellectual property is to enter a licensing agreement with a company that wants to manufacture and sell your product. A licensing agreement is an agreement between the owner of the intellectual property and another party that allows them to utilize the property for some form of payment (usually in the form of a royalty or fee). There are a variety of licensing arrangements that you may wish to enter into after procuring your intellectual property.

At Boudwin Intellectual Property Law, we can assist you in identifying and negotiating licensing strategies and by drafting licensing agreements. We also offer services that can assist you in researching company submission guidelines and procedures, and submitting your idea to companies.


For many inventors, the best way to capitalize on their invention is to manufacture and sell their inventions on their own. There are several different ways to manufacture and sell your invention, and we will work with you to identify the best way to do so. We can assist you in communicating with and hiring engineers, identifying and communicating with domestic and international manufacturers, developing product launch strategies, online marketplace listings and management, and product inventory management.

At Boudwin Intellectual Property Law, we enjoy seeing our clients succeed and hope that we can be a part of that success. We have a wide range of experience and knowledge in various industries that can serve our clients.

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