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At Boudwin Intellectual Property Law, LLC, we offer several legal services to assist you in protecting your intellectual property and enforcing your intellectual property rights. If you find a product that you believe infringes your patent, we can conduct an infringement analysis to provide you with a professional legal opinion. If we determine that the product infringes your patent, we will draft a cease and desist letter to send to any infringing parties and will attempt to reach a settlement with the infringing parties on your behalf. Though about 90% of patent infringement cases are resolved without ever entering a courtroom, if your case requires litigation, we will associate with local counsel in the appropriate location to represent you.

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Intellectual property litigation is a complex area of the law, and you may have many questions about how to best approach your case. Our law firm helps clients across New Jersey, the Philadelphia metropolitan area, North Carolina, and around the world with their intellectual property litigation matters. You speak with one of our skilled attorneys now by calling us at 856-975-6241 or by using the contact form.