Who We Are and What We Do

Boudwin Intellectual Property Law is a team of professionals with a commitment to preserving their clients’ intellectual capital at the best value possible. Our team of licensed patent practitioners have years of education and experience in various scientific, engineering and technological fields, as well as in the various aspects of the law. We deliver a broad range of legal services to our clients with quick turn-around times to enable them to get a jump-start on capitalizing on their ideas. From the start, we communicate with our clients and discuss their ideas in depth. Once we understand their ideas and goals, we determine the best path for them to succeed in commercializing their ideas.  Our services include representing our clients before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in all steps of the patent and trademark application processes, identifying strategies to protect and enforcing patents and trademarks, consulting on trade secret practices, and registering and protecting copyrights.

Who We Represent and What We Strive For

Our firm is located in the Greater Philadelphia Area, but our reach is global. We represent clients from around the world who seek Intellectual Property protection in the United States. We also represent clients who seek international protection via the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). Our clients form a diverse group that includes independent inventors, entrepreneurs, start-up companies, and small and large businesses. No idea is too small or too simple, and no client is valued more than another. Our fees are based primarily on the scope of the invention and the time required to meet our client’s goals.