Avoid Wasted Time And Money With A Patent Search

To receive a patent, the patent application must meet all the patentability requirements. These requirements necessitate that the claimed invention is directed to “patentable subject matter,” is adequately supported by the disclosure, and is both novel and nonobvious. Because the patent process can be expensive and lengthy, we believe that every inventor should have at least one patent search conducted by a licensed patent attorney or agent. At Boudwin Intellectual Property Law, LLC, our lawyers help clients efficiently complete patent searches and guide them through all aspects of their patent application.

We perform patent searches every day for a wide range of inventions and will try our hardest to locate any potentially relevant “prior art” for your invention and will also provide you with an opinion on the patentability of the invention. This service will assist you in deciding whether to proceed with preparing and filing a patent application for your invention. You can speak with one of our knowledgeable intellectual property attorneys now by calling us at 856-975-6241.

The Benefit Of A Patent Search

If a patent search is not completed, then if your invention is determined not to be new or novel, your application may be denied by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This denial can set back your business and can lead to significant lost time. By taking a proactive approach, you may modify your patent application and make the process easier.

Our attorneys can help you with a patent search and the process of refocusing your patent application if they find a similar invention. We will use our decades of intellectual property experience to modify your application to stress your invention’s uniqueness.

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By first completing a far-reaching patent search, you can move forward with a productive patent application. Our law firm helps clients in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and around the world. You can call us now at 856-975-6241 or send us an email to schedule your free first meeting.